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   Popular: The "Quart" E-Mail Hosting Plan! We now offer full IMAP e-mail hosting, for customers who do not require a web presence or would like to host their e-mail and DNS off-site for reliability and the built-in SPAM and virus filtering we provide. Like our other plans, we provide secure STARTTLS POP3/IMAP/SMTP access along with SSL Webmail availability. We also provide full DNS services with our e-mail hosting plan, to include dynamic forward DNS updates from authorized hosts within your network. Your outgoing e-mail is DKIM-signed, and we also publish SPF records for your domain, to ensure proper mail delivery. Contact us today for additional information!

Standard Features:

  • We are better than Google Apps: leave those annoying IMAP connection limits, lack of phone support and easy NSA e-mail tapping features behind!
  • Ultra-reliable e-mail. We're experts dealing with the complexity involved in modern e-mail - for both sending e-mail to customers, receiving their replies, and getting rid of the constant flood of spam, viruses and phishing attacks!
    • DKIM signatures and SPF records published for your domain, to ensure mail delivery.
    • Constant monitoring of our Senderscore and other e-mail reputation metrics, to maintain our reputation as a quality origin point for outgoing e-mail.
    • Secure IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support, providing simultaneous access across a variety of devices (with specific configuration guides for Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Outlook 2013, Mozilla Thunderbird and Pine/Re-Alpine on Linux).
    • A very generous 20GB mail quota per e-mail account.
  • Weekly, secure, off-site backups, of both your web content and your mailboxes.

Web Hosting Plan Features:

  • Standard Linux Apache MySQL PHP offering (custom modules are also available upon request at no additional charge).
  • Perl, Python, C/C++
  • SSH shell access.

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Monthly price $8.95 $10.95 $14.95
Pay for a year in advance and get
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Web Disk space
Monitoring 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365
Off-Site Full Backups Weekly Weekly Weekly
Data transfer
Dedicated IP Address no Available Available
FTP / SSH Access yes yes
Secure, encrypted access to IMAP/POP3 Mailboxes 5 10 35
Webmail Secure, Encrypted Webmail Access
SPAM Filtering Yes! Yes! Yes!
Virus Filtering Yes! Yes! Yes!
Autoresponders yes yes yes
GNU Mailman Listservs yes no yes
E-Mail Forwarding
Webalizer Graphical Reports yes yes
Virtual Secure Server
yes yes
PHP yes yes
MySQL Database yes yes
CGI, SSI yes yes
Subversion (SVN) Repository Support no yes
Minimum Contracts None None None
Setup price

Setup Fee is ONLY $14.95
Monthly price $8.95 $10.95 $14.95
Pay for a year in advance and get
your first 3 months FREE!

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